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RRR Dilentar Binola – 50 Kg


Delinter, the seed after removing cotton from the cottonseed, indeed holds significant benefits for cattle, particularly cows and buffaloes. Rich in fat and essential nutrients, delinter is a valuable supplement that can enhance milk production and contribute to the overall health of dairy animals. This article explores the advantages of using delinter as feed for cattle and how it promotes increased fat content in milk.

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Improved Animal Health:

Delinter’s nutrient profile not only benefits milk production but also enhances the overall health of cattle. The combination of protein, fat, and minerals supports strong bones, healthy immune function, and better reproductive performance in cows and buffaloes. It also aids in maintaining body condition, ensuring that the animals remain in optimal health throughout their lactation period.

Feeding Recommendations:

To effectively serve delinter to cattle, the seeds should be broken into smaller pieces to facilitate easy consumption and digestion. This can be achieved through mechanical processes or by grinding the seeds into smaller granules. The delinter can be mixed with the regular cattle feed or offered as a separate supplement, depending on the specific requirements of the animals.


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